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95 Neon ACR $2500 obo

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  • 95 Neon ACR $2500 obo

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    95 Neon ACR $2100

    95 Dodge Neon ACR
    2.0 SOHC
    65,000 mi.
    $2100 obo

    I started running this car with MC in 2009 in EP HSAX.
    The car holds 4 hsax track records , I think I have one of them.
    Great car for a beginner or someone looking for a cheap way towards W2W.

    Full Bolt-In Cage, Racing Seat, 5 Point Quick Release Harness
    Mopar XX Hi Rate Springs, Koni Yellow Adjustable Front Struts, Arvin Rear
    Prothane Motor Mounts, Trailing Arms, Swaybars Bushings
    Spherical Control Arm Bushings, Adjustable Rear Arms
    Lightweight Flywheel
    Mopar Perf ECU

    Spare Motor
    2 Sets ACR 14" Alloy Wheels, 1 set Falken Azenis 615k , 1 set Blizzaks
    Full Gasket Set
    ACR Computer

    -Timing Belt / Water Pump
    -Radiator / Hoses / Thermostat
    -CV Axles, Ball Joints, Tie Rod Ends
    -Front and Rear Hub & Bearings
    -Sensors (Oil Pressure, Cam, Crankshaft)
    -Master Cylinder

    The Bad:
    -Recently Painted but has Rust showing
    -Body and Front Bumper Dents
    -Leaks Oil on back of Motor (Doesn't leave drops on ground)
    -Mild exhaust leak
    -Struts are old
    -Windshield Cracked

    I bought car from Ron Adee and the paperwork he got from previous owner
    in 2002 said spare motor was fresh bottom/up with 3000 miles on it.

    I have a link below to that has more info/pics.

    Feel free to contact me.
    [email protected]

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      I'll take both of them
      Jared Cromas
      SCSCC Race Steward
      #111 ST2 Red 2000 Honda S2000
      #111 FP Gold/Blk 1990 Acura Integra


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        If you have the power to delete this post, by all means.

        When are you picking up car?
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          There's only 1 available ... oh, never mind

          I don't, but you do. The original author of a thread should be able to delete it.
          Jared Cromas
          SCSCC Race Steward
          #111 ST2 Red 2000 Honda S2000
          #111 FP Gold/Blk 1990 Acura Integra


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            Now there's only one thread, I combined them.

            Should this thread be marked "Sold" ?? I'm confused...

            Bill Martin


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              Car is still available.

              Taking offers $$$
              Hoping I don't have to put out on side of road for some
              jamoke to buy.


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                Price drop to $2100.
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                  I wish I had a bigger garage...
                  John Lewis
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                  Safety & Rescue Chief (Ret.),
                  and in a previous life - #39 F440 and F500